Loughrigg Tarn

Mist drifts across the landscape surrounding Loughrigg Tarn in the soft light before sunrise...

Oaks Farm

...the first direct light highlights a copse of trees behind Oaks Farm...

Tarn Foot Farm

...shafts of light begin to pierce the mist, changing the character of the scene...

Oaks Farm

...as the sun continues to rise the light catches more of the landscape, creating a rich contrast between the cool and warm tones.

Malham Lings

Mist and light align perfectly in an unrepeatable moment on Malham Lings.


The rising sun brings hints of warmth to a patchwork scene beneath Embsay Crag.


Rainbow layers before sunrise in the landscape north of Almscliffe Crag.

St Barnabas Church

A beautiful pastel scene in Lower Wharfedale with St Barnabas Church providing the focal point...

Arthington Pastures

...and moments later Arthington Viaduct emerges from the mist further up the valley.

Banks Farm

The rural landscape beneath Almscliffe Crag peeps through thick winter fog on a frosty morning.


A temperature inversion fills the Lower Wharfe Valley on the edge of Lindley Wood.

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