Old Bramhope

The rural landscape of Old Bramhope is transformed by a rare misty sunset.

St Barnabas Church

The rising sun provides a counterweight to the imposing outline of St Barnabas Church on a misty spring morning...

St Barnabas Church

...the same location in summer during a beautifully diffuse sunrise.

Farnley Park

A hint of mist simplifies the landscape of Farnley Park as the sun slowly rises over the horizon.

Farnley Park

Almscliffe Crag is visible on the horizon as the low hanging valley mist catches the direct light of the rising sun.

Almscliffe Crag

A softly lit scene on the slopes of Almscliffe Crag.

Malham Lings

Warm sidelighting at sunrise gives form and texture to the distinctive landscape of Malham Lings.

Embsay Crag

Embsay Crag is visible through misty layers on a spring morning just after sunrise.


Spring foliage helps diffuse the light on a foggy morning near Skipton.

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