Arthington Viaduct

Ethereal conditions at Arthington Viaduct on the banks of the River Wharfe in spring...

Arthington Viaduct

...the same location in verdant summer garb.

Arthington Viaduct

A small copse of trees upriver of the viaduct.

Bolton Abbey

Bolton Abbey catches the first direct morning light in late summer.


The Daffodil Hotel is dwarfed by the rising slopes of Rydal Fell on the shoreline of Grasmere.


A vibrant, short-lived sunrise frames the high western fells surrounding Wastwater.


The converging slopes at the head of Buttermere provides a natural amphitheature behind the famous Char Hut.


A wider view of Buttermere from the opposite end of the lake at sunrise...


...and a few moments later with the lone tree providing a natural frame for Fleetwith Pike.

Blea Tarn

A splash of light highlights Side Pike on the picturesque shoreline of Blea Tarn.

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