Arthington Viaduct

Arthington Viaduct is mirrored in the River Wharfe under a vibrant summer sunrise.

Salts Mill

A winter sunrise frames New Mill on the River Aire.

Nab End

The setting sun causes the entire sky to glow during a summer evening on Nab End.


A vivid sunrise is reflected in the marshy ground surrounding Wastwater on a blustery spring morning.


A nuclear sunrise on Bamburgh Beach is reflected by the wet sand left behind by a falling tide.


Almscliffe Crag is prominent on the horizon as vibrant sunrise tones add warmth to a rural scene.


Mist glows as the rising summer sun bathes the landscape north of Almscliffe Crag...


...a similar scene captured from the same spot with a completely different character in spring...

Healthwaite Hill

...and a tighter view over the same landscape during the onset of autumn.

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