A serene and misty sunrise on Bamburgh Beach with the unmistakable outline of Bamburgh Castle dominating the scene...


...a hint of mist surrounds the castle with delicately textured marram grass filling the foreground....


...a similar scene captured on a blustery, changeable afternoon with a longer shutter speed accentuating the motion in the grass.

Tŵr Mawr

Twr Mawr lighthouse glows as the rising sun paints the coastal scene with light.


A long exposure smooths the motion of both sea and sky at Trwyn Du Lighthouse...


...a different composition with a simpler interpretation of the scene.


Bembridge Lifeboat Station is reflected in tidal pools left behind by a receding tide.

Alum Bay

Backwash from a lively wave leads the eye into this sunset scene at Alum Bay.

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